Pokemon EX Ruby & Sapphire Booster Pack


EX Ruby & Sapphire Booster Pack, Select your preferred artwork.

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Calling All Pokémon Trainers!

Capture and train more than 40 brand-new Pokémon, liven up your battles with new Poké-Powers and new 2-on-2 Battles, and become the Pokémon Champion of a whole new world!


These booster packs are being sold as unweighed and have the possibility of containing a holofoil card (Usual odds are 1:3 packs on average contain a holofoil card which is also displayed on the pack).
All booster packs sold through our website are sourced from ex store owner who has had them since original set release date straight from distributors.


Lairon, Manectric, Mightyena, Sceptile


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