Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is completely safe, all items will be delivered using the exact service you have requested.

We always recommend sending collectibles via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Insure your parcel correctly, Royal Mail give you the option for up to £2500 insurance. Better to be safe than sorry.

Please check your tracking for it to be marked delivered. If you are worried that your consignment hasn’t arrived, drop us an email and we will let you know if we have them.

All items must be in my possession by Sunday to go onto the following Sunday’s auction block (7 days) anything received after that will be placed on the next auction block.

eBay auctions run for 7 days (Sunday evening – Sunday evening).

Yes we do however if you are looking for the best return on your collectibles then consignment is the way to go.

Tier 1 (8%) – Item sells on eBay for £250 
eBay deduct 10.9% (£27.25) for listing fees and any other charges
Consignee (You) receives £204.93 (92%)
Consignor (Pricey Collectibles) receives £17.82 (8%)

Tier 2 (10%) – Item sells outside of eBay for £250
Consignee (You) receives £225 (90%)
Consignor (Pricey Collectibles) receives £25 (10%)
** The item is advertised outside of eBay leading up to the item going live on eBay, if the item sells via eBay the 10.9% fee will be applied **
** The item is also advertised on eBay when approaching the final 24 hour mark which usually brings in additional bids, this is a Tier 2 perk only **

Tier 3 (12%) – Item sells at a Card show for £500
Consignee (You) receives £440 (88%)
Consignor (Pricey Collectibles) receives £60 (12%)
** Items on Tier 3 are advertised on all socials and taken to all Card shows we attend during that time **
** Tier 3 service is currently only available for items valued £500+

We believe that we can offer you a transparent, trustworthy service ran by collectors for collectors. This business idea has been a long term plan and we have done everything to ensure you receive a top tier service without dealing with any hassle or worry that usually comes with selling collectibles.

Unfortunately no auctions once live that have active bids can be cancelled, this would not be fair to any of the bidders or ethical business practice from ourselves. If an auction is live but has no bidders and someone wants to purchase the item outright this can be done.

If you have any additional questions that was not answered above please email us at