Pokemon Base Set Unlimited Booster Pack Chinese *LIGHT*


Base Set Unlimited Chinese Booster Pack, Select your preferred artwork.

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Put the power in your hand with the Pokémon trading card game!

The hugely successful Pokémon Game Boy® game was just the beginning of the Pokémon phenomenon. Now, with the trading card game, you can train your favorite Pokémon to pit them against a rival’s Pokémon in a fight to the finish! Increase their powers with Energy, and your Pokémon will launch the special attacks you’ve seen in the popular Pokémon animated TV show!

Choose your favorite Pokémon from the random cards in this booster pack to customize a Pokémon theme deck or starter set. Or design your own undefeatable deck by combining prized Pokémon and trainers. The possibilities are endless!

Do you have the skills to become the world’s number-one Pokémon Master? Master the Pokémon trading card game and find out!


These booster packs will not contain a holo which is reflected in the price. Chinese Base Packs are extremely rare and unlike English the Unlimited variant is rarer than 1st Edition.
Some booster packs may have a smaller price sticker that covers the barcode on the rear of the pack.


Blastoise Art LIGHT, Charizard Art LIGHT, Venusaur Art LIGHT


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