PSA Pokemon Movie 2000 Set Sequentially Graded


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A dream set for any Topps collector 👀
Pokemon Movie 2000 Complete Set (Sequentially Graded) 🥵
Film Frame Card ✅
Set Checklist Card ✅
Complete Base (71 cards) ✅
Sticker Set (10 cards) ✅
First Appearance set (6 cards) ✅
Sealed PSA 10 Pokemon Movie 2000 Promo ✅
This is a one of a kind set available to buy on Consignment with Pricey Collectibles from one of the most sought after Topps sets. You’d need a minimum of 6 boxes to complete this set and as of right now there’s 1 box for sale on eBay in the world at £15.3k.
The cards vary in grade as you can imagine from sequentially grading 87 cards at once but they are all in lovely condition 😊


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